Well qualified staff, the highest quality ingredients and traditional bakery technologies combined with modern solutions make up the quality of our products, highly appreciated by the growing number of customers.

Our company was established in 1931 by Waclaw Oskroba, who opened a bakery in Parysow - a small town near Warsaw (Poland).

The family tradition was continued by Waclaw`s sons - Stanislaw and Richard and by Waclaw’s grandson who took over the business and has been running it since 1981.

Over the years from a small, family business with only one oven, we have become a large bakery operating three production facilities.

We skillfully combine modern technology, tradition and years of experience. Despite the continuous development, we are still a family business in which experience, knowledge and secrets of the trade are passed down from father to son, and which continually draws from the tradition of Polish bakery.

A perfect example of how to combine tradition and modern production technology is our new line for toast bread in which we use the revolutionary cleanroom technology. It is the most modern and natural way to extend the freshness of bread.

Our products are available in supermarkets, grocery wholesalers, discount stores, retail stores and through our franchise network which now comprises more than 150 outlets.

Our company has a stable position on the market. Our main goals are satisfaction and healthy diet of our customers.